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What Realtor's could, should and must know about real-estate improvements.

1. Other than a single family home, do you understand what a buildings can be used for?

2. Are all building inspections the same? __yes __no

3. Who can determine a building structural integrity?

4. Are building required to meet the Florida Building Code?

5. Who can determine what can be changes or modifications that can be accomplished to a building?

6. Are you familiar with the “Biggert-Waters Act”?

7. What document determines a buildings elevation in a flood plain?

8. Does wind code requirements effect a buildings insurance rating?

9. Are you familiar with home inspectors limitations by board rules?

10. Occupancy types affect a buildings use and function? ___ yes ___ no

11. Is knowledge of building uses and functions important in effecting a real-estate sale?

12. When a buildings use changes, must the building meet new codes?

13. Are you familiar with FS 489?

14. Who can hire a contractor?

15. Can a Realtor hire a contractor to work on a property the Realtor manages?

16. What must be with any offer of sale?

17. Are you aware of window and door opening protection requirements in certain regions and counties for debris impact requirements? ___yes __no

18. Does every community have specific flood regulations?

19. Building departments make interpretations of permit application submittal documents. ___ yes ___ no

20. Who approves a local flood plain ordinance?

____ FEMA ___ISO ___ State of FLA ___ all?

21. What is the Community Rating System (CRS)?

22. Does CRS change flood premium rates?

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