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What do contractors need to know?

Contractors should know how to build what they sell.

Contractors should understand design objectives and building codes.

Contractors must understand construction processes.

Contractors must know the licensing laws!

Contractors should understand how to put together a contract that identifies the required specifics necessary to complete the assigned project.

Contractor need to know how much a qualified skilled worker can accomplish in a day.

Contractors should understand and be able to develop a scope of work.

Experienced Contractors get inspections and approvals.

Contractors require the owner to document all approved specifics in writing.

Contractors must perform what is documented in writing.

Contractors manage construction.

Contractor must envision the project completed.

A certain amount of cost is what Contractors work from.

Contractors should follow construction documents.

Contractors need specific documents to follow.

Contractors are subject to other wants, needs and requirements by the owner, building department, trade contractors, and material vendors and existing conditions of the site and structure.

Contractors take a gamble on their experience and knowledge of how they can perform.

Contractors should know and understand the overhead cost of being in business (how much does it cost to be in business)

Contractors should know labor burden rates.

Contractors know that estimates are not comparable when not based on approved specifics!

Contractors know owners are looking for cost.

Contractors know the owner has a simplified idea of what it takes to build the project.

The Contractor is experienced the owner generally is not always knowledgeable about what it takes to build.

Only the contractor should manage the work.

The contractor knows the owner thinks he know how to do his job. “All he does is write checks”

A licensed contractor takes responsibility

A qualified contractor works to get the project done and understands that “time is money”.

An experienced contractor knows the owner will hold up the project by not specifying the finishes and fixtures up front.

An experienced contractor builds the project in a construction sequence that correlates with the project budget

An experienced contractor establishes time frames for the project and gives the owner required time definitions subject to other consideration beyond the contractors control.

Experienced contractors render weekly or monthly communications to the owner for considerations, approvals, and instructions.

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