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Why Contractor Business Courses?

Every contractor, remodeler and home builder should get answers to what was done daily.

Construction Trainer business classes are written for the service contractor. Home builders sell product, not services. Home builder products are pre-planned, pre-costed and maybe pre-sold. Custom builders and remodelers process services for clients and customers desiring improvements on their property that they already own.

 Service contractors and home builders need to know about overhead cost on what it cost to operate? Daily, weekly or monthly overhead budget and cost projections? Factor in capability overhead cost.

Fuel cost just to get to the job. What does it cost to be in business each day? Course objectives is to have the course attendee think and realize what cost are and what money is made for doing what and for how long.

Understanding what happens with cash flow is dependant how projects are set up and processed.

Time versus overhead = the productive hour.  What does it cost to get to the project with capabilities to operate construction activities?

Managing the field, processing the field cost. Understanding production levels. Managing field personnel. 

Contractors biggest cost that can get out of control is labor. Project costing is based on production knowledge and experience.

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