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What should you ask your education provider?

  1. Have you ever owned a construction company?

  2. What have you built or remodeled?

  3. Have you personally managed construction projects?

  4. How long did you own the business?

  5. Do you have a contractors License?

  6. Have you personally established and formulated construction contracts?

  7. Do you have certifications in construction?

  8. How many construction certifications do you have in related fields?

  9. How many permits have you pulled?

  10. Are you a member of NAHB or NARI?

  11. Have you ever been in a chair position?

  12. Do you have any awards for projects you have completed?

  13. Do you take courses from other education entities?

  14. Do you have just residential experience?

  15. Have you any commercial construction experience?

  16. Are you state licensed as an educator?

  17. Are you qualified to teach the Building Code?

  18. Is there any specialized construction that you are most experienced with?

  19. Do you write education courses for approval?

  20. How many courses have you approved?

  21. Do you have structural experience?

  22. Have you used design software for a construction project?

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