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Why fastener knowledge is important!

  1. A steel home has 25-35,000 screws depending on size of home.

  2. All frame buildings are held together with fasteners.

  3. Fasteners are required to do more than one thing.

  4. Fasteners are expensive to install.

  5. From bolts to nails fasteners have limitations.

  6. Installation is critical to the performance of what the fastener is designed for.

  7. Nails are the weakest fastener and have only shear value and little pull- out(tension)value.

  8. Nails are cheapest to install due to speed of installation with air powered tools.

  9. Generally, screws have 3 times the performance of nails in wood.

  10. Self drilling screws in metal take more time to install and location of installation is critical.

  11. Screws and bolts can be removed easily.

  12. Nails have to be pulled out and can damage surrounding materials.

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