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Property and Building Documents that should be kept by owner

  1. Land and Topography Surveys

  2. Site plan

  3. Elevation Certificate

  4. LOMRs and LOMAs

  5. SWIFTMUD permits

  6. Site retention and outfall design plans

  7. Fire sprinkler and hydrant locations

  8. Landscape design approvals

  9. Site approvals and permits

  10. Underground Wells and Septic approvals and Permits

  11. Water Meter and sewer line sizes and locations

  12. Design Drawings and Plans

  13. Right away approvals

Structure Documents

  1. Functional infrastructure and equipment specifics

  2. Existing construction documents and plans

  3. HVAC equipment schematics

  4. Fire sprinkler design and head location

  5. Building security and control design plans

  6. Building Permits and approved plans

  7. Insurance Policies

  8. Energy compliance approvals

  9. Upgrade and repair warranties

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