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Building Maintenance check list and questions

1. On a 1-5 scale 1 being best. HOW IS THE BUILDING MAINTAINED?

2. Year building was built. Commercial Residential or conversion

3. Apparent upgrades? Additions? Renovations?

4. Is foliage, trees, roots and vegetation kept away from the building?

5. How are the exterior surface conditions?

6. Does the exterior have mold and bug debris on the building?

7. Roof run off and drainage from the building?

8. Is flashing's and metal corroded?

9. Are there rusty exposed fasteners, nails, screws or staples?

10. Masonry cracks, loose caulking or flaky paint? Concrete cracks. No such thing as settlement cracks. Understand expansion and contraction of materials. Cracks in precast window sills. Over windows and doors horizontal cracks

11. Window and door condition? Thermo or single glaze. Frame type

12. Abuses, dogs scratches on doors or walls

13. Garage doors-original? New label on inside

14. Shutters and panel fasteners approved compliance

15. Paint condition? Flaky, chalky or peeling?

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