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What the Home Information sites don’t tell you !

1. You need permits

2. You need design work

3. You need a written scope of work

4. You need an existing floor plan

5. You need specifications and materials decided on

6. Putting project information in writing is a lot of work

What most Home Owners Think

1. Contractors walk in and out with building permits

2. Walk around estimates are comparable

3. I will tell 3 or 4 contractors what I want and get estimates

4. Contractors make a lot of money

5. Contractors just write out checks to subs

6. The project is real simple. How much?

Facts about home improvement issues that home that info sites don’t tell you!

1. Permits are needed

2. Zoning approval and set back requirements need approval

3. Existing conditions prevail and need to be formatted in detail

4. Designing, scope of work and specification need to be documented FIRST

5. Cost is last!!!!!!

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