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Services Florida Renovators Provides:

-Commercial and Residential Remodeling -Full home remodels

-Second Floor Additions

-Steel framing 

-Construction Specialists

-Fire Damage Repairs

-Hurricane Modifications  

-Termite Resistant Construction

Why Buy New?! We can rebuild!

Additional Information & Facts About Florida Renovators, Inc.

  • FRI has more in-house capabilities than most contractors! 

  • FRI has more than 30 years diversified experience than other contractors

  • FRI is a design/Build Contractor with an emphasis of virtual reality computer designing (we have design examples)

  • FRI costs work only on properly formatted and prepared and APPROVED design drawings, specifications, and scope of work 

  • FRI has complete diversified structural capabilities in light gauge steel, structural steel, masonry, concrete and Light Gauge Prefab framing. See logos Steel framing alliance

  • FRI is Florida Building Code and regulation knowledgeable about wind and flood structural mitigation measures is un equaled

  • FRI has been trained at the Emergency Management Institute ( EMI ).  No other contractor possesses this  training

  • FRI possesses numerous certifications and designations

  • FRI maintains numerous credentialed industry memberships 

    FRI specializes in structural mitigation to existing structures for wind and flood, and has the expertise to document appropriate facts for the reduction of insurance premiums 

  • No other contractor has the above credentials.

  • FRI has established Design/costing process scenarios to establish stage by stage approvals on a design basis (to see design costing process scenario click here)

  • FRI has a 2 stage design agreement, which includes Conceptuals and Working Drawings for permit approval.

  • FRI works on approvals and directives from the client

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