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Estimates – Costing – Communication

-At Florida Renovators, we have the experience and knowledge to completely process a job start to finish, no matter how large or complicated. In all cases, however, we need the cooperation of the Owner/ Client, to assure that we understand the scope of the project.   

-Prior to filling out our comprehensive customer survey form, we would like for you to think about the following: 

-What should budget costing be based on?

-Do you think an as built plan is important to floor plan modifications?-What are bid documents?

-What is your budget?

-What is your budget based on?

-Should materials and fixture specifications be part of what is included in a budget?

-Should a contractor guess at what you want to do?


-And price the work accordingly?

-Are all remodel/renovation projects the same?

-Have you prepared a preliminary list (scope of work) of work to be done?

-Have you selected the finishes and fixtures needed?

-Do you understand the complexity and requirements of the Florida Building Code?

-Do you have a property survey?

Click here for our "Construction Estimating Questionnaire"

Costing Scenarios

Insurance companies and government do not know what construction costs are.  Contractors that pay for construction every day should maintain history reports of construction costs.  There are different kinds of construction costs and different ways of accumulating construction costs specifics (or data.)  All in all, when it comes to real cost and having been paid to accomplish the work, it comes down to the labor burden rate, the cost of running the company, plus materials.

 When a general contractor subcontracts out portions of the work, they are inviting out risk and responsibilities, but losing the possibility of production rate and control.  Costing variables are subject to defining the work.  This is greatest when it comes to repair work, damage repair, and remodeling and renovation work.    Reestablishing existing conditions is a different costing factor than rehabilitative changes.   There is no such consideration as remodeling by the square foot.   For example, there is no such thing as a hard/ complete number for termite wood repair (i.e. how much wood did they devour?)  

Establishing costing parameters means establishing a certain scope of work subject to additional considerations.  Open ended or undefined work should be done on a cost plus basis.   The low bidder is always the loser because the low bidder has no built in considerations.   Costing the work, without securing owner directives, results in guessing at what the owner wants. How many risks can a contractor endure with unknown directives and considerations? Both parties are focused on the cost instead of the work. There most often can’t be an arbitrary number pulled out of the air. Cost is based on a specific breakdown of established factors based on design specifics.



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