• Estimates – Costing – Communication

  • At Florida Renovators, Inc. we have the experience and knowledge to completely quote a job start to finish, no matter how large or complicated.  In all cases however we need the cooperation of the home owner or commercial client to assure that we understand the scope of the project and that the client understands the process required to properly define and estimate, quote then complete a project to everyones satisfaction.

  • Prior to filling out our comprehensive customer survey form, we would like for you to think about the following: [singlepic id=44 w=220 h=140 float=right]

  • What should estimates/costing be based on?

  • Do think an as built plan is important to floor plan modifications

  • What are bid documents?

  • What is your budget?

  • What is your budget based on?

  • Should material and fixture specifications be part of what is included in a budget?

  • Should a contractor guess at what you want to do? And price the work accordingly?

  • Are all remodel/renovation project the same?

  • Have you prepared a preliminary list (scope of work)of work to be done?

  • Have selected finishes and fixtures needed?

  • Do you understand the complexity and requirements of the Florida Building Code?

  • Do you have a property survey?

Florida License Number-CGC016919

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