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Costing Facts

Some facts you should know about costing.

  • What is the best estimate?

  • Contractors cost estimates are not comparable!

  • Some contractors, (certainly not Florida Renovators, Inc.) base estimates on little more than an unprepared “guestimate” which is sometimes based upon un-planned work and padded materials costs.  Florida Renovators, Inc. believes strongly that any cost comparison prepared without scaled drawings and detailed specifications is an invalid cost estimate. And Florida Renovators, Inc. never sells materials or structural components, and therefore can not pad costs to deliver a better than possible estimate to the client.

  • Florida Renovators, Inc. works with Contractor’s bid estimates. 

  • This kind of estimate reflects the price we expect to charge to do the job. Our estimates are detailed, based upon extensive research, experience, site data and knowledge of construction techniques, codes and yes – expected delays. These estimates rely on a detailed conversation with the client after the completion of a survey about specific materials to be used, quality of materials in general, expected quality of workmanship, Job site details, scope of work, government regulations and schedule.

  • Homeowners and commercial clients need to pay attention to the wording and degree of professionalism in any estimate to be clear whether the bid is an estimate (estimated cost, subject to change) or a bid/quote (price for which the contractor is willing to do the job).

  • If it sounds too good to be true… Call Florida Renovators, Inc.!

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