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The Design-Build Process

  • Every project is unique and different! Therefore cost for each project is unique and different. Planning the work takes a great deal of time and effort. This planning is an evolved process and is paramount to specific costing and a successful remodeling job.

  • Design drawings and working plans accomplish many things.  Drawings and information are compiled in stages.  Throughout these stages, information is established and approvals are sought from the owner and building official

  • The next phase of approval should be the architectural and engineering analysis, material selections, subcontractor input and budget costing considerations.

  • Florida Renovators processes project plans and specifications on a contract agreement basis.

Owner’s Wish List

  • A wish list is a BUSINESS PLAN to accomplish remodeling task needed and desired to accomplish the project

  • All projects are different

  • For structural and building changes design drawing should be implemented

  • How to format a wish list on a systematic basis

  • Renovation work involves an extreme amount of labor & time

  • To save time and money, definition & planning of the work needs to be formatted for approval by the project owner

  • Generate a list of remodeling tasks to be implemented first by indicating a 1 thru 3 level of importance

  • A budget can then be generated 

  • First establish a simple list then write down the same information you would tell a contractor you want an estimate on, however there is a lot more information that is needed for costing

  • Double space the list. Add other considerations as you think of them

  • Make notes of incomplete information and options to be considered

  • Remember, this is a process

  • Establish existing conditions and variables must be established

  • If you have very little money and need to know cost then spend the effort and time to define as much information as you can

  • No one will spend a lot of time guessing at what you want

  • When a contractor throws numbers at you, the numbers are not based on what it takes to accomplish the project

  • Contractor/sale person throw numbers at you to determine how much you can spend

  • Does the person you are taking to, have experience enough to know everything it take to do the work?

  • Have I got a number for you?

  • Cost number are meaningless without written specifics with your approval

  • The wish list is not a grocery list that can be costed out by contractors on a comparable basis

  • Establishing all the proper criteria to accomplish the work usually takes more time than the remodeling the project itself

  • A scope of work is paramount to a successful project

  • All work is subject to permit requirements

  • The contractor will not take you shopping

  • The designer needs the wish list to arrive at a conceptual design

  • Existing conditions must be implemented it to the conceptual design with the wish list

  • The process is subject to change until excepted by the project owner for approval  

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